Discussion Seminar announcement: Understanding our contemporary political culture

Message from David Alexander: We cordially invite you to participate in a discussion group that will be reading through Catholic philosopher Pierre Manent’s book of essays entitled “Modern Liberty and Its Discontents,” starting Thursday, February 18th. You can participate via Skype or by attendance in person in the conference room of the office of Lonergan Institute for the “Good Under Construction” which is based at St. Anselm’s Abbey, 4501 S. Dakota Ave NE; Washington, DC; 20017-2753. This discussion seminar is sponsored by the Lonergan Institute and I will be serving as a chief facilitator, organizer, and fellow participant in the discussions that we will have. Either myself or a volunteer from our group will write a summary of the material we will be covering that we will use to prompt discussions. The meetings will run for about an hour, starting in fact at 8:15 pm (and not at 8 pm) and ending at about 9:15 pm. Current website technology does not allow me to note that we will begin at 8:15 pm and not at 8 pm. Participants in this discussion seminar are encouraged to jot down thoughts and reflections while reading in order to bring these to our discussions. At each meeting, we will select the next date and pages to be read so as to accommodate everyone’s schedules as much as possible. At our first discussion on February 18th, we will discuss the Introduction to Manent’s book. If any concerns or thoughts you wish to convey outside the discussion group arise, you are of course welcome to write me, David (davidalexander@hotmail.com) or Br. Dunstan (djr@lonergan.org).