by Phyllis Wallbank MBE

Today being Corpus Christi I feel that an explanation is needed together with this edited version of a lecture given to an International Conference on Lonergan, the Jesuit philosopher. It was given in Rome at the Gregorian University.

The sad state of our educational system… where we fail so many in not making them understand or feel part of society so that our young people’s corrective institutions are full of young men, our prisons are full, our mothers have to go with the children instead of their being able to play alone with their fellow playmates as in previous generations, so many young turning to alcohol and many to drugs, and so few of the fruits of the spirit being manifest through acts motivated through true values.

Unless we fit the INNER DRIVES that GOD has put into all of us, then many will never reach their potential. I believe that the way shown by Bernard Lonergan the Jesuit Philosopher and anthropologist indicates the way forward in general. How can I give and write a lecture without mentioning Our Lord specifically?

If the way of Self Mediation and Mutual Self Mediation is followed in the way described, each young person will go to the core of their uniqueness where God is within each one of us. And they will meet Him. I believe of course that GOD is Three PERSONS and so this time of relationships will be made through the power of The Holy Spirit. I truly believe that more people will get to know Our Lord in this way, throughout the world. It opens them all to meeting GOD.

As for our own people of our own Catholic Faith, because it fits the stages that God has Himself created, then the wonderful Catholic curriculums will fit, because they go with the truth. It just means that the main basic stages of development and their differences need to be recognized as being put within each person in the world, by God. Just as at the same stage of development He made all children walk and speak. These stages continue, as
shown in this lecture and are within each one of us.

“Go out to all Nations’

This is a way that could do this.